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Walking down the rabbit hole

Thomas Graham Brown is a colorful and largely forgotten figure in the history of neuroscience. He was unknown to me before I encountered a rabbit hole that, as is my wont, I could not resist. Rabbit holes are always surprises and the path that leads to them is a big chunk of the fun. Here is my path to theThomas-Graham-Brown-rabbit-hole: […]

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The power of diagnosis

As a longtime fan of Dr Lisa Sanders’ New York Times column on diagnosis, I was excited to listen to Every Patient Tells A Story (Random House Audio, 2009). I happily looked forward to an anthology of favorite cases that she had already presented. However, when I started to listen to the Audible book, read by the author, I quickly realized […]

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Kashrut for the scientific literature keeps science going

Last week, I woke up and read a New York Times article by James Glanz and Agustin Armendariz on a famous and celebrated cancer scientist, Carlo Croce of Ohio State, who has been repeatedly implicated in scientific fraud. This moved me to shelve my plans for a post on Neuro-Generosity and proceed immediately to GO with a post on scientific misconduct. I aim to make fourpoints in […]

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