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Kashrut for the scientific literature keeps science going

Last week, I woke up and read a New York Times article by James Glanz and Agustin Armendariz on a famous and celebrated cancer scientist, Carlo Croce of Ohio State, who has been repeatedly implicated in scientific fraud. This moved me to shelve my plans for a post on Neuro-Generosity and proceed immediately to GO with a post on scientific misconduct. I aim to make fourpoints in […]

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It takes two to give

My mom was supposed to come visit me this past week while I have been teaching in Paris. She was scheduled to arrive Wednesday morning and in a reprisal of our fabulous time together in 2015 (see picture above), we planned to pack our afternoons with art museums and our evenings with concerts. Then, a few days before she was due […]

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All the books fit to read

Over the holidays, I took two of my students out for lunch. We actually left campus and ended up at a small, packed-to-the-gills-deli where we sat at long tables with the other refugees from the lunch joints with larger seating capacities and individual tables that were closed for the holidays. Hyde Park is within the city of Chicago but has […]

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